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MX DRIVING ACADEMY was created out of a strong passion, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to making learning easy and accessible. Since opening in 2000, we’ve had the opportunity to help countless students acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques and confidently move forward in their learning journey.

Known as one of the best Driving School in the Cavite area, we provide a wide range of courses to support students from all backgrounds and levels.

We Are A Strong Team

To have a great team, there is no surefire recipe for success. A combination of solid leadership, communication, and access to good resources contribute to productive collaboration, but it all comes down to having people who understand each other and work well together. Not every team needs that one superstar player to excel. Having the right mix of trust, ambition, and encouragement among our team members is the key.

The foundation of every great team is a direction that energizes, encourage, develop, and engages its members.

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